14 songS

by Cigaretta

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The official 2003 debut of the Sofia-based doomy-blues collective, safe for the self-released, and currently unobtainable, compilation "14 demoS". Recorded mostly live on a quiet night a year prior to its release; mixed, mastered and printed on the eve of its first public presentation.


released December 20, 2003

Vocals, gutars, keys and programming: Vlado Kovatchev. Bass: Kliment Kalev. Drums: Vladimir Vassilev. Recorded at Stain Studio and Casa de Doom. Mixed by Gepi and Desislav Velchev. Mastered by Gepi. Produced by Gepi & Cigaretta.



all rights reserved


One Tru Odd Sofia, Bulgaria

One Tru Odd is a label-ish entity, representing the musical quirks of one Vlado Kovatchev via himself or via his aliases Bissquit, Bassquit, Ehbassi, Cigaretta, One Tru Odd and some others, spanning from 2003 to the nownow. Tip of the hat to you, curious and supposedly catless person, for visiting. The man and his aliases hope you'll find something to your liking. ... more

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Track Name: Change Coming
[change is coming over me and whatever i do i can't escape from it change change change change]
Track Name: Huh-huh
[huh-huh-huh what did i do what did i say what i say's open today what did i do what did i say to deserve this coming from you what did i what can i find today what else could i do huh-huh-huh what did i do what did i say save all these precious moments and i wanna be close to what you do but i can't get there get away infiltrate over time this is new huh-huh-huh]
Track Name: Mother Of Mercy
and she doesn't play the games you're playing it's all in vain and she doesn't do the things you're saying we're all in pain who's got all the right answers? mother of mercy still wants your head mother of mercy wants you dead and she doesn't do what she is told the answer's always "i don't know" but you really do look ridiculous with that enormous bat you're wavin' at yourself]
Track Name: My Sister's Recurring Dream
["all the ones with the money all the ones with the fat bank accounts now you'll forgive my interjection honeys but you've got these big red dicks in your mouths" that's exactly the thing my sister said as she turned away from the window the stub in her hand was almost burning her fingers and i was staring at the floor wiping my glasses who do you wanna talk to dear who do you think you're talking to here "sometimes i feel like all of this isn't really happening and i pretend i'm a part of some funny game" i said yes i know i sometimes pretend i'm wiping my glasses that's when you talk the way you do sometimes and my sister had a recurring dream then in that dream she's clutching a big hand grenade and she pulls the safety pin and throws it out on the street and relishes the world collapsing in her feet]
Track Name: Quite Ugly
[did you see my new hairdo did you like the way i smell don't you know that i want you to be my baby the strongest man for the pearl that i am and i'm on my way to stardom i was really born for fame don't you know that i want you to...once i had a girl used to beat her up hard but it was all her fault 'cause she was such a tart never made my shoes shine never made me feel fine wasn't good with a blow job always moaned and sobbed never let me through the back entrance never had no confidence and she used to shout right up in my face but i'm not gonna be that silly ever again quite ugly]
Track Name: The Ledge
[we all sang a little ditty to society and gave 'em to the ground six feet deep and ages long a grave we all promised we would come around but i forgot about it right away i was walking deep in thought and sad for a lover had left me that day and a friend had made me mad and i was walking deep in thought and sad walk upon the ledge look above the edge but that's the wrong exit i was trying hard to get outta there but i couldn’t just escape from this then society it came a-creepin' moaning for tonight it don't exist i'll expand myself beyond my boundaries i'll clench my hands in fists god now you can calmly send me thunder i'll wait and meet it with a kiss and i will wait and meet it with a kiss see me angry see me thirsty irritated i am burstin' out to get you in an ambush for you have missed again walk upon the ledge look above the edge there's nothing much to see there's no one here but me]
Track Name: Give In To Me
[did you have to upset my plans there's your car rollin' down the lane there is me wish i were your last fan take me with you take me where i belong i want to share with you the rest of what there is did you have to dig in my past and not leave it all behind now you're runnin' and you really are fast but then someone that you know will be smart enough to never let you go he will shatter all your lies and he'll brake through your disguise give in to me]
Track Name: Understand U
[i have always thought i was jesus christ or some other sort of saviour thought i might be coming down to save you now i just don't understand you love went down the drain eulogised and praised on and through the plain the autumn that we laid drift in open spaces follow candle lights called stars i don't understand you you don’t understand me too understand you and now you're gone in the sunlight of your lord love went down the drain]
Track Name: Underdogs Of Luck
[cigar cigar cigarette take me lead me to the next level with my arms all set around the hope i'll fail the test underdogs of luck over-oddly stuck in a trap that wasn't made for them to fall and stay coffee coffee coffee shop i was about to run but stopped and took a quick nap in your shades then missed the train to a higher phase undergods all crazed stranded in a haze open lids a bit just to see them hit]
Track Name: Confront
[guess i would like it to mean something guess i would like it to change everything but i don't guess i would like to confront your thoughts guess i would like to fight against the odds but i don't got to get away (there's) a sweet child to take home and then it's sweet]
Track Name: URAStar
[you are a star twinkling so high twinkling so high watching what we do with our little/tiny lives (i'm) growing you to see it and never to believe it do you want it? you are a star honest but untrue honest but untrue leave your nightly gloom drink with us in bars]